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African braids are old conventional African style in which hair is tied very close to head using movement to create a continuous raised row. Usually, multiple twists are made and can be decorated with beads, strings, or other trinkets to enhance the look.  Undoubtedly, African braids work great if you want a traditional look, something trendy, or an elegant style.

Individual Braids Houston TX

Individual Braids

Put your Individual Braids into a ponytail or wear them loose and free.
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As soon as you decide on what braid style you want, what size you want you braids to be, and at what length you want your hair to fall, you’re ready to visit our African braid shop. Your hair makes up your personality. If you have dressed up and you don’t do your hair, you won’t feel complete. Having nicely done hair not only will make you look much more fascinating but will also boost your confidence.

Micro Braids Houston TX

Micro Braids

If you desire lots of small pretty braids all over, this is the style you want.
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Some historians believe that braids have been considered stylish for millennia. That’s because there something about braided hairstyles that makes people take notice. It is the reason people usually do searches like hair braiding near me and braiding salons near me before going to some event because they want their hair to be done very nicely and neatly.

Box Braids Houston TX

Box Braids

Box Braids are extremely versatile and look great, an excellent choice.
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Our hair braiding shop creates beautiful classic braids as well as fresh new designs everyday. We offer some of the best African hair braiding in Houston TX. Trust us with your salon needs and your hair will always enhance your overall look. Wow African Hair Braiding & Salon is here for you. We offer the best hairstyles and braids at the best prices.

Triangle Box Braids Houston TX

Triangle Box Braids

You can wear your hair parted into triangles if you want a different look.
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Most people love braids because having them allows for freedom from hair styling for weeks, giving your hair plenty of rest and protecting it from damaging elements. If you are planning to have African braids for an event, and are too busy to search and ask people who are the best hair braiders near me, we are your answer. So, stop searching for African braiding near me and book your appointment with us or visit us today.

Triangle Box Braids Houston TX

Bob Braids

This Bob Braid is so classy and stylish you'll be ready for the red carpet.
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With all of the wonderful braid styles available, you may find yourself wearing your hair in braids more and more often. There are lots of interesting braiding methods to create your own unique style each time. Whether you want Dynamic side swept cornrows, asymmetrical goddess braids, long chunky black braids, feed-in braids, braided ponytail or any other hairstyle, we are expert in it and will install it very elegantly.

Knotless Box Braids Houston TX

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids are a beautiful style to mix in with your other braid styles.
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Braided hairstyles are very distinctive and can attract lots of attention and compliments from men and women. Even children will notice when you’re looking this fabulous! Wow African Hair Braiding & Salon is the best if you are looking for braiding salons near. We have the most professional and expert technicians who not only provide the best braids but also guide you with the style that suits you and your dress.

Jumbo Braids Houston TX

Designer Jumbo Braids

Feel like trying something different? This Jumbo Braid style will make you 😁.
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At Wow African Hair Braiding & Salon your beauty is our pride. Check out our work and imagine yourself having one of these amazing braid styles and turning heads this weekend. Our services are very customer friendly, and you don’t have to wait long for your turn. Just specify the time while making your booking online and then that time is entirely yours.

Freestyle Braids Houston TX

Freestyle Braids

This pretty braided hairstyle is also know as Micro Braid.
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In addition to this, we have very reasonable prices for our customers without compromising on quality and services. We assure you that we are the cheapest braiding salon in the market with such an exceptional service 😍.

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